Alopecia Areata (alopecia) is when you lose hair because your immune system attacks your hair.


It usually starts as a single spot shaped like a coin on your scalp where there suddenly isn't any hair.  It may stay as just that one spot, or more spots may show up, or you may literally lose ALL of your hair, and there isn't any way to predict what is going to happen.  In some people there isn't a single spot to start with and literally all of their hair falls out right from the start.


AA can affect anywhere on your body that has hair - your eyelashes or eyebrows, the hair on your arms and legs, or even the beard and mustache in men, but the scalp is by far the most common place to get it.


There is a new treatment for AA that was just approved, but is very expensive and has a significant risk of side effects.  If you can't afford the new treatment or don't want to take it because of the risk of side effects, call us at Bexley Dermatology Research - we may have a clinical research study that you'd qualify for.  In clinical research studies the treatment is provided at no cost and people who participate in the study are compensated (paid!) for treating their AA in the study.