One of the most important moments of Dr. Zirwas’ life happened while he was a young dermatologist and realized that so much of what he was being taught to tell patients didn’t have any proof to back it up. Even worse was that much of what he was supposed to tell them either didn’t work or was making their problems worse. At that moment he started looking for the actual causes for what he was seeing in his patients and for explanations that made sense.

He has published over 180 peer reviewed medical articles and is one of the authors of the 7th Edition of Fisher’s Contact Dermatitis.

Dr. Zirwas received his undergraduate and medical school degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. He completed his dermatology residency at the University of Pittsburgh and did additional training at Penn State University and the Cleveland Clinic.

He has two daughters, Margaret and Susannah, ages 18 and 14, an African Pygmy Hedgehog name Rito (short for Burrito) and two Bengal cats – a brother and sister named Cinnamon and Sugar. 


Sherri is a physician assistant and serves as a sub-investigator for Bexley Dermatology Research. She graduated with her undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of Michigan. She then continued her education at Northwestern University, where she earned a Master in Medical Science of Physician Assistant Studies. Sherri has the fortune to work with patients in the clinic, while also contributing to the advancement of medicine through clinical research as a sub-investigator.Sherri has her hands full these days with her newborn twin babies, but loves the time she has outside of work to spend with them, her husband, and cat, Teeny. She is looking forward to watching the twins grow and one day sharing her love for ice skating and crafting with them.


Arielle is the Clinical Operations Manager and a research coordinator.  She's been a part of the BDR team the longest, going on 4 years!Arielle’s motivation stems from the ability to improve patient lives with novel medications while contributing to the healthcare field through accurate data collection and documentation. She enjoys being a part of patients getting access to medications that have not been available to them via standard care. More importantly, she enjoys helping those who have experienced standard care therapies that have failed them.When Arielle is not working, you can find her playing Sims 4 — it’s her favorite game! She additionally enjoys listening to live music, spending time with her cats, hula hooping, and of course, napping! 


Cait is a Clinical Research Coordinator. She has been a part of the Bexley family for a combined 3 years, initially working as a medical assistant in the clinic. After graduating from Ohio State University, Cait began working on the side of research as an RA. 

Cait is passionate about dermatology and loves that she is able to apply this passion to her work in clinical research. She appreciates the opportunity to work directly with subjects, while contributing to the advancement of the dermatological treatment options for the general community. 

Her ideal day off would be spent snugging her Husky puppy Iris and kitten Oliver, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and spending the evening with family & friends (likely with a glass of dry red wine). 


Jess is a Clinical Research Coordinator. Jess graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in Biology in 2021. She's been with BDR for the last year. 

 Jess enjoys connecting with people through her job, but most importantly she loves being able to see them improve throughout the trial!

In her freetime, she likes reading, watching movies, and convincing people to watch the bachelor and bachelorette! 


As you walk into Bexley Dermatology Research, Millie is the first friendly face that greets you! Millie has been with the company for years and now serves as the Clinical Research Administrative Assistant. She is inspired by the physical and emotional results she sees in participants.

Millie’s day off might be spent watching a scary movie or satisfying her love for dinosaurs by watching Jurassic Park for the hundredth time. She also enjoys hanging out and casually listening to music.

We're lucky to have Millie as part of the BDR team! 


Alex is a clinical research assistant. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in Health Sciences and a minor in Disability Studies. She is taking a gap year to work and expand her knowledge on the healthcare field before applying to Occupational Therapy graduate school.


Alex is passionate about healthcare equity and has collaborated on various research projects such as healthcare reform for autistic adults and early intervention techniques for infants with developmental disabilities. She chose to continue her passion for research in the dermatology field because she loves helping diverse groups of patients that can receive life altering medication regardless of their socioeconomic background. Above all, Alex values developing and maintaining relationships with the patients!


When Alex has some spare time, she enjoys intramural volleyball with friends, traveling, live music festivals, and indeed – cheering at OSU football games. Go Bucks!

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