LICHEN SCLEROSUS et Atrophicans (LSetA)

Lichen Sclerosus et Atrophicans (LSetA for short) is a condition in which burning, itching and redness happen in the groin area, then, over time the skin in the groin becomes shiny, white, thin and fragile.  It can happen in areas other than the groin, but the groin is the most common. It most commonly affects women but can also affect men.

It is usually diagnosed by a dermatologist or a gynecologist who takes a biopsy of the area (this entails taking a tiny sample of the affected skin and sending it to a laboratory).

There are a number of creams used to treat it, but none work very well and have potential for significant side effects.  It is important that it be treated appropriately, not just because of the itching and burning, but because it can cause permanent scarring and can even turn into cancer if not managed the right way.