Psoriasis is an "auto-immune" disease in which your immune system attacks parts of your skin.


It shows up as red, raised areas on the skin that are flaky and sometimes itchy.  It can happen to any part of your body, but in most people it gets the fronts of the knees, the backs of the elbows, and/or the scalp.  It can be one spot that is the size of dime, all the way up to covering every single square inch of your skin.  It also affects the fingernails in about half of people who get it.  About one out of three people with psoriasis will also get joint pain that usually affects the hands or the back.


Fortunately, there are a number of very effective treatments for psoriasis that are already available.  Unfortunately, all of them are EXTREMELY expensive, don't work for everyone and have potential for side effects.  So, there are always new treatments being developed, which is where Bexley Dermatology Research comes in!


If you have psoriasis (or think you do) and either can't afford the existing treatments or they haven't worked for you, give us a call to find out if we have any new options for you.  With clinical trials, the treatment is provided at no cost and people who participate are actually compensated (paid!) to treat their psoriasis.